Autonomy: In contrast to most of the other companion robots, which are limited in their possibilities due to their pre-programmed functions, Maicat is autonomous in its movement and behavior.
Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. Maicat does not need an internet connection for its basic functions. Everything is stored on-board its microcomputer. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is optional.
Size: With a size of 20 x 13 x 20 cm and a weight of 1.2 kg, Maicat is smaller than the average companion robot. This allows easy handling and makes it comfortable to carry Maicat with you, wherever you go.
Cat: Given that a lot of great robot dogs are already out there, it is about time to give the cat lovers something to be excited about.
Maicat is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2021.
Yes. We plan to commence our Kickstarter campaign around August 2021.
Yes. All of Maicat's basic functions will work without an internet connection in order to protect your privacy.
Yes. The data will be stored in Maicat's storage. None of it is uploaded to a cloud and it is kept on the robot. However, if you wish to access the pictures, you can do so via Bluetooth.
Yes. Maicat performs face-recognition to recognize people and pets. Maicat can tell different people apart and recognizes its owner.
Maicat can recognize around 10 people or pets without Wi-Fi connection and around 100 people or pets with Wi-Fi connection.
Yes. Maicat is capable of speaker-detection and voice-recognition.
Yes. Maicat is able to perform emotion-recognition through the analysis of facial expression and tone of voice.
Like a real animal, Maicat is affected by its biorhythm, so that its days are divided into phases of activity followed by phases of resting.
Yes. Maicat's personality changes depending on how you interact with it.
Yes. It is located on Maicat's back.
The charging time of Maicat is approximately three hours.
By normal use of the robot, it is approximately two hours.
Yes. It will be available together with the product.

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