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Macroact is an AI and robotics startup that designs and develops autonomous robots for your home. With over 15 years of experience in software and hardware development, we use our expertise to combine the best of robotics and artificial intelligence to design, train and build autonomous robots. Our goal is to become a leader in robot innovation technology and to support, inspire and empower people through our work. We aim to transform the human-robot-relationship by making the development and use of robots more accessible and serviceable to the needs of the people. Our Vision is to make robots and robot technology easily accessible and to create a better everyday life for the people and their environment.

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Maicat, the autonomous robot cat


The simulator to make your robot dream a reality


Autonomous control solution


Robot parts control for third-party integration


Satisfying the individual needs of consumers & third-party ecosystem


Animal-pose-estimation and dynamic-data-extraction technology

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  • Passionate about robotics and AI
  • Create accessible and serviceable products
  • Transform human-robot-relationship
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Founding Macroact Inc.


Grand Prize AI Testbed Korea


Approved AI Tech and Biz Certificate


CES 2021 EurekaPark